Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping trip #1

Knitting mittens by the campfire while drinking homemade strawberry lemonade, followed by an evening of a smore eating contest ::with myself::. What else could be more perfect? Maybe doing it all over again this weekend? Oh, I can't wait! Have I ever told you all how much I love summer?
I would have had more pictures but my craptastic phone crapped out on me. I don't mean that, I love my phone but I have a nasty habit of not plugging it in at night. Which means about once every two weeks or so my phone is dead and I have no means of communication to the outside world, which I happen to love but my husband hates. This inevitably leads to the argument "What if something bad were to happen and no one could get a hold of you?" To which my response is a gigantic eye roll and shrug.
In other events, Jake and I will be closing on our first home next week. I haven't mentioned this yet because it has been a long up-hill battle to get this house. I still do not believe this is actually happening, but it seems as though everything is in place for us to start moving next weekend! ::crossing fingers and wishing on a star:: However, since I have been purging and boxing up the vast crap of clutter that is my life right now I came across...MY CAMERA! Which I was extremely excited about until I dropped it while putting in batteries and now it has a single battery stuck in the wrong slot and I can get another one in! So, it seems that I will be continue to use my cell phone as my camera...which means more battery usage...which means more phone dying incidents...which means more "nag..nag...nag..." It is my little self-fulfilling prophecy. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with lots of outdoor fun.

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