Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who needs a real camera?

I do! I am obsessed with photography. This began with my mother who is incredibly artistic and has a professional camera. Now, what I consider professional is a camera where you have to manually zoom in and out. So maybe I should restate my statement above: I am obsessed with photography, yet clueless to how to take photos. I am not artistic, never have been. I like to believe I am an artistic soul trapped in a non-artistic body. When Jake and I got engaged I began investigating photographers. That opened up a whole new world of photography to me. Here are a few of my favorite photographer blogs right now:

1. Bobbi and Mike
2. Betsy King Photography
3. Cathy and David Photography - these two did our wedding. They are amazing.

4. Tastespotting - pretty food pictures AYKM?!?!? Right up my alley.
5. A Cup of Jo

Every day I visit all of these blogs. The photos fill me with such emotion that at times I will actually weep! Keep in mind that I practically cry during any Disney movie, I am that kind of sap. So what is a person to do with all of this desire and no talent? I decided the answer is to take pictures with my cell phone. Maybe one day I will have a professional camera all my own and I can play with the zoom and learn what aperture is and be artsy and creative. I doubt that will happen.

Until then, my dear readers you will have to deal with my beautiful cell phone photos.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Bird

How wonderful it feels to finish yet another semester of school. I always have to celebrate the small steps in order to get me through, otherwise I will end up giving in to my reckless and lazy habits again. So with that being said...

YAY!!! I am awesome because I finished another semester of school!!!

Celebrating my semester success this weekend

This summer has so many promises that I hope come to fruition. Buying our first home. Learning Spanish. Camping, camping, and more camping. Planting (hopefully) and eating my body weight in tomatoes, various berries and other fresh summer veggies and fruit. Knitting, learning how to sew (and possibly cross stitching). Oh, I can't wait for the fun days ahead!