Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Storm Essentials

We are preparing for an awesome snow storm today. I heard a kid in my building exclaim "We are going to have snow coming out our butt!" I can't help disagree with that statement, but who am I to argue with the kid. It could happen. All I heard all day is how much snow we are getting. It's going to be a snow-pocalypse apparently so we should all get the essentials and be prepared. As for me...
I have a good red wine,
I have bread,
I have eggs,
I have milk (oh wait that is buttermilk, and it is spoiled. Ugh),
I have netflix,
I have reading...plenty of reading in my case,
and I have the cute snuggly animals to keep me warm at night.

Before it became too crazy out, I was able to take the Magster for a walk and get a few snaps.

...Maggie enjoying the snow...

...and the end result for the evening...

I hope you all stay warm and safe tonight!

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