Thursday, April 30, 2009

Who needs a real camera?

I do! I am obsessed with photography. This began with my mother who is incredibly artistic and has a professional camera. Now, what I consider professional is a camera where you have to manually zoom in and out. So maybe I should restate my statement above: I am obsessed with photography, yet clueless to how to take photos. I am not artistic, never have been. I like to believe I am an artistic soul trapped in a non-artistic body. When Jake and I got engaged I began investigating photographers. That opened up a whole new world of photography to me. Here are a few of my favorite photographer blogs right now:

1. Bobbi and Mike
2. Betsy King Photography
3. Cathy and David Photography - these two did our wedding. They are amazing.

4. Tastespotting - pretty food pictures AYKM?!?!? Right up my alley.
5. A Cup of Jo

Every day I visit all of these blogs. The photos fill me with such emotion that at times I will actually weep! Keep in mind that I practically cry during any Disney movie, I am that kind of sap. So what is a person to do with all of this desire and no talent? I decided the answer is to take pictures with my cell phone. Maybe one day I will have a professional camera all my own and I can play with the zoom and learn what aperture is and be artsy and creative. I doubt that will happen.

Until then, my dear readers you will have to deal with my beautiful cell phone photos.


  1. Yeah! Love the blog! I am excited to see what kind of entries will be produced from an artistic person living in a non-artistic body!


  2. hi stephanie..i will gladly be your first follower!!! congrats on finishing another semester....awesome! stop by and visit my blog there is some stuff i am sure you would like to see.

    enjoy and i hope to see you.